Children Copy Their Parents’ Soft Drink Habits

Perhaps it’s time to put that gin and tonic away, because children are watching and copying.

The research from Natural Hydration Council, actually looked at how impressionable children were when it comes to observing and copying their parents water drinking habits.

It found that carbonated drinks had the biggest influence, with children aged 4 to 8 years of age three times more likely to reach for fizzy drinks if their parents chose them.

Psychologist, Emma Kenny said: “Every child is a copy cat kid at heart and parents are their major role models, meaning they pick up on parents’ behaviour easily.

“As a parent it’s essential to provide your children with a healthy mindset, ensuring they are making positive choices when it comes to selecting what their drink of choice will be.”

Children of parents who drank fruit juice were more than twice as likely to copy and squash drinking parents had children who were half as likely to reach for the same bottle.

Interestingly, a 63 per cent of children taking part in the survey already drank plain water. But when parents also drank plain water this rose to 87 per cent.