Gender Bias Passed Down to Future Generations Poll for Bitz & Bob Launch Finds

Gender bias in the workplace is being passed down to future generations, with young schoolchildren having fixed ideas about what jobs men and women should do.

According to a poll of 1000 children aged four to eight years of age, 44 per cent agreed that engineering is for men and 71 per cent believed being a beautician is for women.

A six out of ten also thought that nursing was for women and 40 per cent said being a doctor is for men.

The findings came from a survey to coincide with new kids’ animated TV show Bitz & Bob which launched on CBeebies this week.

BBC Children’s In-House Executive Producer for Bitz & Bob, Vanessa Amberleigh said: “The research shows children form opinions on the job roles available to them at a very young age, with many of their views aligning to gender stereotypes.”

The poll findings showed the top 10 jobs for either gender decided by the children who took part to be:

Jobs Men Do:

1. Builder
2. Footballer
3. Lorry driver
4. Firefighter
5. Aerospace Engineer (someone who makes airplanes)
6. Farmer
7. Mechanic
8. Plumber
9. Electrician
10. Refuse collector/ person who collects the bins

Jobs Women Do:

1. Beautician
2. Hairdresser
3. Nurse
4. Shop worker
5. Airline steward
6. Vet
7. Doctor
8. Musician
9. Bank worker
10. Zookeeper


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