Bristol City Council Announces Schools for School Streets Scheme Road Closure Pilot

Bristol Schools Announced for School Streets Scheme:

Two schools have now been named by Bristol City Council ahead of a pilot road closure scheme which will stop traffic from entering their streets during set times in the day.

St Peter’s Primary School on Ellfield Close in Bishopsworth and Wansdyke Primary School on School Close in Whitchurch, are currently subject to an early engagement process ahead of a formal six-month consultation period when the scheme officially launches.

During the pilot scheme, which starts on 24 February 2020, the roads the schools are located on will be closed for 45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the afternoon to coincide with school start and finish times.

During the closure periods, vehicles would be prohibited from driving on the affected roads. The council warns that those attempting to do so may be fined.

This comes as part of the School Streets Scheme, announced earlier in the year which will see local authorities attempt to minimise the number of vehicles outside of schools at drop-off and collection times.

The aim of the scheme is to tackle congestion, bad parking and reduce air pollution at the school gates as well as improve the negative impacts of excess cars for local residents.

The council says it is trialling the scheme ‘as part of our plans to improve road safety, encourage active travel to and from school and improve the air quality and environment outside of schools.’ Neither schools are based in or near the area of the proposed diesel ban.

For more information about the St Peter’s Primary School road closure:

For more information about the Wansdyke Primary School road closure:


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