Advice for dealing with eczema during National Eczema Week

It’s National Eczema Week running from 18 until 25 September.

The skin condition affects around one in five children across the UK with 80 per cent going on to develop asthma, hay fever or even both.

Eczema leaves many mums feeling helpless and frustrated by their child’s conditions simply because they don’t know how to deal with it.

Oilatum Junior have the following tips for parents to help their children manage their eczema.

No Soap – Soap and detergents make eczema worse so it’s important to avoid them by using soap substitutes and non biological products that are much kinder to the skin

Soak and Soothe it  – The most effective way to manage eczema is a daily skincare routine using a bath oil and cream emollient. For kids, use products suitable for young skin such as Oilatum Junior Cream priced from £5.49 and Oilatum Junior Emollient Bath Additive from £4.95

Nail Scratching – One of the worst symptoms of eczema is the itch, especially at night time when. Scratching can cause bleeding and infection so keep nails short to avoid damaging the skin

What Not to Wear – Garments made from wool or manmade fibres such as polyester and acrylic can cause eczema prone skin to sweat and become itchy. Choose clothes made from 100% cotton or silk instead