Air Pollution Map of Bristol – Central Bristol Residents Really Should Worry

If you live, work or walk along Central Bristol’s streets, you are in the most polluted part of the city.

The annual average levels of nitrogen dioxide are above government standards, putting people’s health at risk.

Children in particular suffer from pollution, which causes problems from low birth weights, premature birth and poorer brain and lung development. Inner city children and those who go to school on main roads in Bristol can have 10 per cent less lung capacity by the time they are 10.

Central Bristol is packed with primary and secondary schools, Google below mapping just a handful of the schools in the most polluted part of the city.

Central Bristol Prmary Schools

It’s not a surprise that the major areas of pollution also coincide with areas of extreme deprivation – St Judes, Barton Hill and Lawrence Hill.

You can check out the Air Pollution Map of Bristol below to find out how your area ranks here:


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