Atomic Burger Gloucester Road Bristol Review

It was disappointing to find the Atomic Diner in Broadmead, Bristol closed down at the end of 2017. But, it wasn’t the end of the sci-fi world, as Mothership Atomic Burger on the Gloucester Road remained open.

atomic Burger Bristol Gloucester Road

The burger restaurant is a unique fixture in the city. Its appeal is in the science fiction themed decor. Star Wars ships fly from the ceiling and at this venue, proceedings are watched over by a full sized Stormtrooper. If you look up whilst eating, you will also find Han Solo frozen in Carbonite and part of an X Wing aimed at your plate.

The burgers are great and you can customise them to taste with the fairly flexible menu options.

It’s a short bus ride from Central Bristol to the bustling diverse universe that is the Gloucester Road. But this place is absolutely worth the trek. The food is good, the staff are friendly and the surroundings are ideal for sci-fi fans and those who love cult pop culture.