Aveeno Active Naturals Baby Daily Care Range Review

It’s all winter woollies, stuffy rooms and central heating, which is why Aveeno is perfect for this time of year.

We genuinely love the Aveeno Baby Daily Care range at Chopsy Baby. It’s ideal for all the family to use, and of course, perfect for the delicate skin of babies. It’s all well and good to read the witterings of a review on a website, but we put our money where our mouth is with Aveeno and have actually gone on to buy their products on the back of our experiences.

Top picks for this time of year are the Baby Daily Care Baby Moisturising Lotion, the Baby Daily Care Baby Cleansing Milk and the Baby Daily Care Baby Barrier Cream. All contain collodial oatmeal. What does that actually mean? It’s exactly what you want this time of year. Oatmeal is recommended for soothing the irritated and inflamed skin of those with eczema.

Now of course, you could make your own homemade remedy faffing about with old socks, porridge and water, or you could just look for the words collodial oatmeal on the packaging. This is the process oatmeal goes through for products such as this. It’s finely milled and added to a liquid or cream for exterior application to the body.

The cleansing milk is a perfect alternative to the usual baby lotions and in place of a bath. Too many baths for tiny babies can be hard going on their skin. This is a delicate soap free cleanser allowing you to clean up areas such as the neck and hands without additional need to use water. Some babies constantly posset after feeding which can leave their neck areas sticky, dirty and smelling unpleasant. This cleansing milk is perfect for cleaning up these types of mess. It doesn’t leave a greasy or oily feeling on the skin but does leave it feeling soft and fresh with that familiar baby smell.

The baby moisturising lotion is ideal for the whole family to use. It’s genuinely non-greasy and great for the post-glove, post cold school-run feel. Because it doesn’t leave hands slippery, it’s ideal for teachers and those working with paper and keyboards because it’s mess free, takes up no time and lets you just get on with things quickly.

Don’t feel too smug if your newborn doesn’t have nappy rash. Wait until they get a little bigger, wee more and you may find it can kick in rather unexpectedly. It’s one of those things you will want to have in your home in preparation for that moment. The baby barrier cream formula is completely unscented, gentle and goes on smoothly. It’s doesn’t create a big mess of paste which you have to try and rub and distribute across half of your baby’s body.

Aveeno products are available to buy from Boots, Sainsburys and other online and high street retailers.

For more information about their products, visit: www.aveeno.co.uk