Baby, Toddler and Children’s Christmas gift choices

These hand-painted personalised ceramic Christmas decorations from Gallery Thea are ideal for a baby’s first Christmas. Order by 12 December.


From mini club at Boots stores, this gorgeous dress is perfect for getting the party started. Size newborn to twelve months.

Dress £24

For newborn babies, My First Christmas or Baby nappy cakes, will be contain those necessary and pretty first present pieces.

Starting from £20

Chopsy Tested: Organic Monkey have just launched an Organic and Fairtrade Christmas Gift Set full of their fabulous baby skincare products. Includes nappy balm, massage oil, tummy oil, teething oil and cradle cap oil.


Chopsy Choice: These pretty and traditional teddy rattles from Spottiswode Trading, are joyfully free from tatty plastic. Available in baby blue or baby pink.


Parents across the UK will have experienced a Coupe fight at some point. Children at play centres everywhere will fight to get into the Little Tikes’ Cozy Coupe. The company are celebrating their 40th birthday with a limited edition Ruby Coupe. Available for a limited time. Fight for one while you can.

Toys R Us, Mothercare, Asda and Amazon 

The new VTech Kidizoom VideoCam lets youngsters capture video with face tracking technology and add animation. Kid tough and aimed at children aged 4 years and above.


A must-have: Parents who grew up during the 70s and 80s, must surely remember the joy of Kettcars. Now with new and improved features and available in different styles and sizes, there is a Kettler for every child aged three to twelve years.

From £119

Kids will enjoy getting creative in the kitchen with this Pizza Kit from the Jme collection from Jamie at Home.

Mamma Mia Pizza Kit £20
Phone: 0844 871 2010

Simply Genius: The Barbie Video Girl is a Barbie doll, but with a video camera. For all those budding undercover journalists, sneaky young girls looking for some serious blackmail material from their parents, or trying to trap the biscuit tin raider, this doll has it sorted. Barbie has a full colour LCD viewing screen – in her back. The battery life is 75 minutes and video memory 25 minutes. Full editing software available online. Suitable for ages six upwards.


From charity WWF, this unique 3D wooden Brain Benders Elephand puzzles is made from FSC wood. Makes for an attractive and stretching alternative to the usual puzzle pieces sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.

For some simply beautiful artwork for children’s bedroom walls, the Little Picture Company has some absolute stunners. As a unique and life lasting qualtiy gift, the artwork is an investment. Visit their website to view individual works. Ideal for free spirited children with plenty of imagination.

The Armouron light-weight, futuristic and flexible suit of armour for adventurous children can be customised with accessories. Suitable for children aged four years and above.

Full suit £29.99 
Accessories from £5

Create your own personalised soft toy for a child, or take them to create their own at the Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Prices start from £5 

These cute owl developmental baby toys from Bibs and Stuff make ideal stocking fillers for this sometimes awkward-to-buy age.

From £9
For stockist details visit or telephone Bibs and Stuff on 01293 774924.

For children aged 18 months upwards, Jojo Hide and Seek, the interactive electronic bunny from Jumbo Games plays hide and seek with little ones.


Blossom Mother and Child have launched the elegant ‘big notes little notes’. These A5 leather bound notebooks come in baby blue or baby pink and are the perfect way for those veering from the heavily structured baby books to record all those important firsts.

Board games are the new family friendly evening in. From Imagination Games, Battle To Save The Universe with Doctor Who from the comfort of your living room.
From Amazon