BATH TIME REVIEW: Chopsy Baby is Reviewing Childs Farm

Childs Farm is a new range of toiletry products aimed at children aged 4-10 years of age.

The products have been created especially with the skin care needs of this age group in mind. The packaging features imagery and real animals from Childs Farm, a small holding and home in the Hampshire countryside. The products contain certified organic essential oils and are free from parabens, SLS, mineral oil and artificial colours.

Reviewed by…

Chopsy Baby’s Jen Smith

The most distinctive feature of Childs Farm toiletry products is the strong, fresh, fruity smell each bottle releases. The fragrances are strong, but not chemically so or overpowering, instead reminding you of the delicious waft from an orange or strawberry cream Quality Street when you bite into it.

Childs Farm currently has in their range:

Groomed to perfection! Shampoo for glossy gals
With strawberry and organic mint

Get your feet wet! Bubble bath for buccaneers
With organic tangerine

Tame that mane! Conditioner for unruly hair
With strawberry and organic mint

Caked in mud! Hair and body wash for dirty rascals
With organic sweet orange

Clean, calm & collected. Bubble bath for sweet dreams
With organic tangerine

Childs Farm are already working on new products due to be released in 2012.

Jen says:  “I used the Childs Farm products with my own children, an 18 month old and four year old. Both the bubble baths with their respective orangey tangs were amazing. The scent really made this.

“The strawberry and organic mint Tame that Mane Conditioner is perfect for long tresses that tangle easily and cuts down on the combing.

“My older child has eczema and my younger one the sensitive skin of a baby, but neither had any reaction to the ingredients in the products. “

The packaging design will grab the eye of young bathers, and as a nice aside story, the characters featured on the packaging are real animals living in the Hampshire countryside.   

Best of all…
The products scent. Gorgeous.

Could improve…

Lovely products to brighten the bathroom and freshen the children.

You can buy from…

£4.65 each