Bean Bags by Raw Bean – Review

Our Verdict: Fab product. Pricey but a time and a place experience.

Our Rating: 8/10

Thank goodness for some great filter coffee without the need for a huge machine taking up valuable counter space in tiny apartment kitchens.

Bean Bags are a speciality pyramid coffee bag launched by Raw Bean into branches of Waitrose.

The coffee bags are individual servings and fully biodegradable, meaning no more coffee capsules festering in landfill.

“Bean Bags are an excellent solution for coffee drinkers who are looking for convenience without compromising on quality,” Raw Bean Founder Alex Cox, says. “Not only to simplify the daily morning coffee at home experience, but also for the occasions that fresh, quality coffee is not always readily available – at the remote Airbnb or cottage rental; on the road in the campervan; at soft play or kids’ parties; on boat, fishing, camping or hiking trips… With Bean Bags, there’s no mess, no equipment required, and no need to resort to drinking instant or insipid coffee.

“As a quality filter coffee option, Bean Bags will mostly appeal to cafetiere users, but may also attract single-serve pod users concerned about the growing waste issue. Bean Bags are biodegradable so there’s no longer an excuse for adding to landfill in the name of enjoying a quick, easy and flavourful cup of coffee.”


Working much like a tea bag, you simply pop the coffee bag into hot water, squeeze with a tea spoon/biro/fork whatever is clean and close to hand, wait for three minutes, squeeze again and it’s ready. It’s so simple and clever but is it any good?

The coffee bags are sealed into an air tight bag inside the box. It’s quite important to keep them air tight once opened but really, life is sometimes too short to find the right Tupperware lid for adequate storage. We made a half-hearted attempt to fold the top of the box over to keep them fresh.

The bags are filled with 12 grams of grounds and as tea bag adverts throughout the years have dinned into us, the pyramid shaped bag is King of Infusion.

Part of taste comes from our sense of smell, which is tantalised by the delicious aroma of fresh coffee escaping from the bag upon opening.

Really, preparing a Bean Bag is no different to making a cup of tea. It takes away the hassle of pods, machines, machines not working, taking the machine back to Argos, running out of filter paper or pods.

Yes it’s quite expensive to buy, but it’s a time and a place coffee. It’s the one you break open in an emergency. The one you break open when a good friend you actually like is round. The one you can take Hipster camping. It’s the bag you put into the Thermos mug on a hellish day-trip to a local tourist attraction. The type of day you know will leave your heart and hopes shrivelled up like a desiccated Tesco Value tea bag in the windowsill. That’s the moment you need Bean Bags!

This is a great product with great aroma, taste and is an enjoyable drink. It’s about as simple, ethical and effective as filter coffee at home can be.

Bean Bags are currently available in the following speciality varieties:

Breakfast Blend (strength 4),
El Salvador (strength 3)
Definitely Decaffeinated – and a 100 per cent chemical free (strength 4)

£4.50 for 10 bags
Bean Bags are currently available in Waitrose stores and online at

To celebrate the launch of Bean Bags, Raw Bean is offering 33 per cent off online orders. Bean Bags will be available from only £3 per box of 10 (30p per 12g bag) until Weds 26 April.  Enter code ‘SQUEEZEME33’ at check out.