Booking Now: The Tobacco Factory Christmas Show 2012 – Cinderella

It’s fast approaching the most magical time of year, and what better way to celebrate it than with a family trip to The Tobacco Factory’s Christmas show.

It’s always an exciting wait to see which traditional story will get the Factory treatment, and this year it is family favourite Cinderella.

This year, the theatre is working with Travelling Light again and the same creative responsible for Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

You can guarantee there will be no doe-eyed Disney dolly in this production, but Tobacco Factory Theatre Director Ali Robertson reassures parents there will be nothing for young children to worry about: He says:  “Don’t worry about the depiction of violence on stage as maybe not being suitable for youngsters, we’ll be approaching it in exactly the same way as we did with Ali Baba. We had forty one murders in that show, thirty nine of them carried out by scalding the victims to death in boiling oil. We didn’t have one complaint.”

Director Sally Cookson is aiming to draw inspiration from some of the older interpretations of the story.

She says: “Although we’ll be basing the story on Grimm?s Ashenputtel, we’ll be looking for inspiration from some of those early versions. Perrault’s invention of the FairyGodmother will be replaced by a chorus of birds, who become Cinderella’s allies and help her in her struggle to overcome the wicked stepmother’s cruelty. There will be no redemption for anyone who is wicked, Cinderella may be good but she is not going to be mawkishly sentimental in our version, so don’t expect any unlikely reconciliations.”

Travelling light are well known for their inventive use of stage and props and the music is again composed by Benji Bower.

Sadly, there will be no Felix Hayes this year, but the talented Saikat Ahamed (Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves) and Craig Edwards (The Ugly Duckling) will be returning.

The show runs at two hours – including an interval – and is recommended for children over the age of six years.

Ticket prices start from £6

Box Office 0117 902 0344