Books for Babies, Children and Parents Out Soon

Myth Match flipbook, by Good Wives and Warriors, allows readers to mix up magical and mythical creatures to create more than 1000 possible different creations.

Laurence King Publishing


walkabout orchestra


The Walkabout Orchestra: Postcards from around the world by Chloé Perarnau is out on 01 March 2018. This is the first book from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels graduate. This fun book gets readers to hunt the orchestra member amongst its delightful illustrations.

£14.99 from Amazon


cuddles by Julia Kay


Cuddles’ and the Easter Adventure from author and illustrator, Julia Kay, is a beautifully illustrated story about a much loved toy rabbit who becomes lost.

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up down and opposites Ellsworth Kelly


Up, Down & Other Opposites with Ellsworth Kelly is a quirky hardback baby book which merges learning opportunities with fine art.

Available from 08 March 2018


Act Normal And Don't Tell Anyone About The Present Machin

Act Normal And Don’t Tell Anyone About The Present Machine By Christian Darkin, is the eighth book in his Act Normal series. The books challenge gender specific ideas regarding toys and stories.

Price: £5.99
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 Llamaphones by Janik Coat

Llamaphones by Janik Coat, features words that may sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. It aims to make homophones an easy and fun concept to learn.

Out 06 Mar 2018
Board Book


almost anything sophy henn


Sophy Henn’s new book Almost Anything, is out on 01 March 2018. Here we meet George the rabbit who is plagued with self-doubt until he meets kindly bear who has a magic hat.



Terrific Timelines dinosaur book


Terrific Timelines: Dinosaurs, features 20 different dinos with facts about the period they lived in as well as background information and how scientists identified them. Each dinosaur has a press out model which can be added to a fold out display.

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I love you stick insect


I Love You, Stick Insect tells the story of a smitten stick insect who imagines all the fun activities he and his stick insect partner can do. Until he realises his partner is literally a stick.
Available from the Natural History Museum Shop
What do animals do all day wendy hunt
What do Animals do All Day? by Wendy Hunt, features fourteen scenes and more than 100 animals. Ideal for introducing young children to the concept of animals, their habitats and environments.
Hardback £9.70
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