Boys Ballet Masterclasses from the The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) now Open for Booking

Now here is some genuinely good news. The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) has announced three special Boys Ballet Masterclasses in London, Edinburgh and Birmingham from this April.

The two-hour classes are aiming to encourage boys from seven years upwards to feel confident and develop strength and creativity.

The classes will be headed by a male teacher and a pianist.

Edinburgh teacher and Former professional ballet dancer, Joel Morris, said: “These boys might often be the only boy in their dance class. Here, they get their own time. They’re not the add-on or the afterthought. It’s really good for them to mix with other boys who dance. Instead of being the minority, they’re with lots of other boys with the same interest. It builds a community.”

A minimal experience in the rudimentary grades are required to make best use of the sessions. Tickets are £24 for a place.

For more information or to book, visit: