Breaking News: Bus Ride Violence Ends in Arson and Commuter Rage

The stories that probably happen in Bristol:

A bus ride in Bristol ended in violence on Friday evening, after a commuter only moved three centimetres to let passengers off of the bus.

It was standing room only on the First Bus number 43 service from The Horsefair onwards on Friday afternoon at 5pm.

Anger flared between commuters at Lawrence Hill, after passengers cluttering up the exit only managed a cursory sway sideways, blocking those needing to get off.

Witness Georgina Hebrington-Daniels said: “Everyone at the front of the bus was crowded by the entrance like the reduced section in Asda. It was carnage. One woman looked up from her mobile phone and leaned to the side a little. Nobody could get through. Metros were flying through the air.”

A spokesperson for First Bus confirmed: “We have reviewed our CCTV and can confirm passengers were blocking the exit for people to get off as usual despite our driver correctly following protocol. We wish the person who sustained cucumber related injuries well with their recovery.”

An officer from Avon and Somerset said: “Sadly, this is not an isolated incident and is the second public order incident on this 43 bus route this week.  Members of the public should pay close attention to their surroundings. We take Metro throwing very seriously and will take steps to prosecute people using them as weapons, especially when tightly rolled and set on fire.”

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