Breaking News: Class Mascot Fraud Case

The stories that probably happen in Bristol:

A parent from Brislington has been accused of committing fraud within the local community, after it came to light that she had been lying in the class mascot diary log.

The 38 year old mother had invented a weekend of activities that included sky diving and Mandarin for Henry Hippo’s time with Year 2 daughter Eliza Joan Harptree.

Ms Harptree’s deceit was uncovered by another parent who is an expert in digital manipulation.

A teacher at the school told us: “Sadly, we won’t be using Henry Hippo as the class mascot in the future. Ms Harptree ripped his ears off and set it on fire on the school playing fields.”

A spokesperson for Avon and Fire rescue warned classmates of the dangers of committing arson near gas tanks.

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