Bristol Local Plan Open Spaces Consultation

Bristol Local Plan Consultation:

Bristol residents wanting to protect their local green spaces are being advised to take part in a consultation by Bristol City council.

There are 159 open spaces in the city proposed to be specially protected Local Green Space, which means they would be designated open spaces of ‘special status and importance to the community’.

The green spaces across Bristol would be protected from development under the new proposals.

An additional 410 open spaces will continue to be protected as Reserved Open Space.

The consultation towards the Bristol Local Plan aims to address the needs of people in ‘all parts of the city’ over the next 20 years.

Mayor Marvin Rees said: “As we develop more homes, businesses and communities it is essential that we continue to carefully conserve open space infrastructure such as parks, playing fields, nature reserves and the city’s lungs of natural space.

“The Local Plan will help us to build a better Bristol and shape the city to meet the needs of the future – a city of hope and aspiration where everyone shares in its success. The Local Plan will work with the One City Plan and aims to develop a sustainable and inclusive city.

The draft Bristol Local Plan Review document is available at where there are full details about consultation and how to provide feedback.

The final two drop-in sessions to talk to members of the local plan team are:

Tuesday 30 April, 12noon to 6.30pm: Bristol Central Library
Thursday 9 May, 2.30pm to 6.30pm: Bristol Central Library

People should respond by 24 May 2019.