Children’s help pack My Asthma out today

A new free information pack aiming to help children manage their asthma is to be released today.

The new pack, launched by Asthma UK, is the first one especially designed for children.

Aimed at children aged 6 – 11 years, the pack will help to reduce the number of hospital visits made by getting parents and youngsters to manage their condition effectively.

The pack includes easy to read information and advice, an action plan and an interactive six-week wall calendar. 

Findings from a trial revealed that half of parents found their child’s asthma had improved since using the pack and nine out of ten parents would recommend it to other families.

Asthma is serious, causing more than1200 deaths each year and is responsible for a person with with the condition being admitted to hospital every seven minutes.

Asthma nurse specialist at Asthma UK, Elaine Gillard said: ‘The pilot has demonstrated that My Asthma can be an important tool for parents and children.  The interactive nature of the pack allowed us to engage children with their condition and give them important information whilst helping parents and healthcare professionals to manage their asthma more effectively. 

My Asthma packs will be available at the local GP surgery or can be requested from Asthma UK directly by calling 0800 121 62 55.

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