Chopsy Baby is reviewing… Disney Princess Recordable Story Book

Chopsy Baby Says: “Clever technology.”

Rating: 6/10

What is it?
This storybook from Hallmark, features Voice Save Technology, allowing you to read the story and save it for your child. Hardback with hard pages. Suitable for children aged three years and above.

Reviewed by...
Chopsy Baby

‘A Book about Being Special…’ is the subject matter of book -What Makes a Princess. It features all the Disney Princesses and will make parents want to vomit in copious amounts.

But the voice save technology is clever as it allows a person to record themselves reading the story. Or anything else for that matter.

Best of all…
The technology.

Could improve…
The technology is clever but the content matter boakworthy for parents.

Parents, don’t look directly at it, but the pink princess brigade will love it.

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