Chopsy Baby is reviewing… Interactive Story Buddy – Watson and the Case of The Sneaky Stealer

Chopsy Baby Says: Perfect gift to help children learn to read out loud with confidence

Hallmark have come up with a novel idea to engage children with reading and reading out loud.

Watson a soft cuddly raccoon with detective skills, displays further levels of intelligence by joining in with his story book when it is read out loud.

At the end of most pages in his storybook, there are key phrase that triggers a direct response from the toy.

The book Watson and the Case of the Sneaky Stealer, is included when you buy the interactive Story Buddy.

The raccoon comes with 3 AA 1.5V batteries.

Reviewed by Chopsy Baby

Watson is armful sized soft and cuddly raccoon – a fresh deviation from the usual cats, dogs and other domesticated cutesy toys.

He doesn’t feel cheaply made, retains his pile well and will sit easily on a bed or hard surface.

When reading the story, we tried to fool Watson with different accents, including Welsh, Northern Irish, American, Somerset, Bristolian, French, German and inebriation.

Suprisingly, and to his credit, Watson managed to cope with everything though we didn’t have a Glaswegian on hand to really put him to the test.

The story itself is not going to be winning any literary awards and is a little American. But, neither is it terrible and youngsters will love the novelty of the interactive soft toy.

We tested Watson and the book out with three different children aged between four and seven. The children were delighted when the raccoon responded and they engaged well with the story.

Watson and accompanying story is ideal for youngsters beginning independent reading when they start to settle down in bed with a book.

It will also help them appreciating the importance of speaking clearly and projecting well.

Best of all…
Will help your child enunciate clearly to get the raccoon’s response.

Could improve…

A great way to encourage progressing readers to practice reading aloud with confidence.

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