Chopsy Baby is reviewing… My Clippy

Chopsy Baby Says: “Good fun for youngsters.”

Rating: 8/10

What is it?
My Clippy, designed by Clippy London, is a brand new fashion and craft product aimed at the tween market.

Youngsters will be able to use decorated papers, stickers and templates – supplied – to create mini art cards. These can be fitted into special pockets of a transparent bag. The Clippy can be worn as a bag or used as a pencil case.

Reviewed by…
Chopsy Baby

There is an age when children suddenly start asserting their own authority on the styles they like or the creative projects they initiate.

Whether this is a knitting habit, sewing or spray painting punk T-shirts in the bedroom, they will be keen to create their own style, especially when entering the wonderful world of the accessory.

My Clippy is a great opportunity for children to start developing their own creativity and independent style.

The set includes decorated paper, stickers and images in a Japanese style, mainly in the colours pink and black. You will need your own glue stick and scissors.

There is a plastic tray to hold credit card sized Clippy cards to be customised and an embossing tool with a star or heart design.

The designs come in black and dark pink, but with the template cards supplied, you can include images or stickers of your own choosing.

The possibilities for creating new designs and cards is endless – but always keep one Clippy card to cut around as a template.

This creative toy is great. The designs are so much more kick arse than other toys and products aimed at the same market.

Creating their own unique bag or pencil case will be great fun for children – and quite possibly some adults too.


Best of all…
It’s not insipid and features the colour black too.

Could improve…
It would be nice to have more options other than your standard pink and care should be taken not to be too heavy handed with the bag.

A good, fun product, ideal for children aged 11 as far as 15.

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