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A one in ten UK children are estimated to have head lice at any one time. Anyone of any age can get catch them, though they are most common in children aged from four to eleven years.

Head lice are small, six legged insects that live on the scalp, feeding from blood on the head. They spread by head-to-head contact and live for a month. During that month, the female louse can lay between 50 – 150 eggs.

New Hedrin Treat & Go, is a new water-based head lice treatment aiming to be easy-to-use and hassle free.

The skin friendly formula, containing no known asthma triggers, is suitable for children aged from six months and above.

The formula is applied to dry hair and left for eight hours while children go about their usual day. There is no need for combing and it dries naturally then rinses out without leaving an obvious residue and the dead lice wash out at the same time.

The product works using Activdiol® technology (octanediol). This strips off the waxy cuticle on the louse, causing it to dehydrate. This also prevents head lice from developing a resistance to the pesticide type formula.

Community nurse and head lice specialist Christine Brown said: “Head lice can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for parents. When choosing a product, parents are looking for reassurance that the product they choose will be effective, hassle-free and not daunting to use. Hedrin Treat & Go offers a convenient, easy to apply and easy to wash out solution, allowing parents to treat the problem effectively with no fuss.”

Reviewed by…
Simone Randall with her three children aged three, five and seven years.

Simone says: It was only six days into the new term that the sign went up in the school window. Head lice detected. Usually I apply a spray to my children’s hair, designed to repel head lice. But as we were only days into the new term, I just hadn’t introduced it back into our daily routine yet.

“Sadly, I paid for this disorganisation. My two youngest had nits and lice though my seven year old had escaped this time. But as at least one had head lice, the only thing to do would be to treat all of us.

“This is usually a hassle even though I have two boys and one girl with very short hair. It usually means a trip to the chemist to buy something around the £10 mark, hair washing and application. I have stopped doing the combing with conditioner as I did not find this an effective way to get rid of them.

“Luckily, only days before I had been asked to test out two Hedrin treatments. Both treatments are the same but one is a mousse and one is a spray. I think I have become the parent known to be always moaning about head lice.

“This was a really fantastic product because it is so convenient and very low cost. It can literally be applied as you are leaving for school and it does its job with no hassle. There’s no washing needed and no hours of combing because the dead lice wash off in the shower. The treatment can go straight onto dry hair. With a quick brush, it dries in the wind and doesn’t look greasy. It is easy to apply with either a trigger spray or hands on mousse. I preferred the mousse, though for no particularly strong reason.

“This product is also really useful for those families with young babies because they can use it too once they are older than six months.

“Overall, I am really impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of this product and will continue to use it.”

Best of all…
It can be done before school or nursery

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A fast and effective head lice treatment

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Boots, pharmacies and retailers nationwide.