Chopsy Baby is reviewing… Queen Cosmetics Sensitive Skin Sensations Gentle Glycerine Soap

Chopsy Baby Says: “A lovely soap that is not drying on the skin.”

Rating: 9/10

What is it?
Queens Cosmetic Soap is an un-perfumed, translucent cleansing bar suitable for anyone with sensitive skin.

The glycerine based soap uses as few ingredients as possible.

Reviewed by…

Bristol mother Kim Zaire

Kim says: “I love this soap and wish I had heard of it before. It reminds me a bit of Pears when I was growing up. I have been using shower gel for about ten years now, but I’m getting fed up of it. It isn’t particularly cost effective in my opinion. It seems to slide out my hand and down the shower before I have even used it. I didn’t want to go back to soap because I thought it would dry my skin.

“But having tried this I think I will be sticking with it. I’d forgotten how long a bar of soap actually lasts. And how good it feels in the bath rather than a shower gel.

“The soap doesn’t dry out my skin. It’s really magic and great for making my hands feel all better after some intensive gardening without gloves.”

Best of all…
It leaves hands feeling soft and clean

Could improve…

A lovely soap for everyday use

You can buy from…

£5 for 100g