Chopsy Baby staycation costs

Whilst you mourn the loss of your exotic holiday tot up the total you have spent on camping. Is it really worth the price and the hassle? Remember the first year will be quite expensive. If you invest in good quality equipment rather than supermarket basics the items are likely to last longer.

Our staycation price list

Borrowed tent one: Free
Purchased tent two: £70.00
Vango tent: RRP £300.00
Two air beds: £14.00
Air bed 12 volt pump: £6.00
Mobile phone car charger: £5.00
Barbeque: £10
Gas stove and cannisters:£20
Windbreak: £15
Two rain ponchos: £4.00
Charcoal: £3.00
Fishing umbrella: £15.00
Large spare tarpaulin: £2.00
Plastic cutlery: £1.50
Camping at Warren Farm: £41.00 (paid for three nights, stayed less than 24 hours)
Camping at Warren Bay: £42.00 (stayed three nights)
Petrol: £40.00

Total minimum cost (not including food or ice creams!) for four nights: £602.50

One child’s Ready Bed
Three sleeping bags
Good quality car chargeable lamp
Picnic set
Cool box

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