Christmas TV: This is England returns to 1988

Shane Meadows makes an eagerly anticipated return this Christmas, with This Is England ’88.

The key cast members return to the gritty but often funny drama, including Bafta winner Vicky McClure.

This time around sounds no easier for Vicky’s character Lol, who is likely to be put through the wringer again as she plays a single parent with depression.

Vicky says: ‘Shane and I were very aware of the issues we were portraying on screen, and trying to make them as real as possible. A lot of thought goes into it. But it’s all about portraying it in the way that Lol would react to it.’

Of her two-year-old on screen daughter Lisa, Vicky says: ‘She was an absolutely amazing little girl, she’s a star in the making without a doubt. She’s only two, but she played that part perfectly. I was really proud of her, there were never any tears or tantrums, there was none of that. She was just happy to be there, she enjoyed everybody’s company, and we built a really nice relationship. She was brilliant – I love her to bits.’

This is England ’88 is on Channel 4 on 13 14 and 15 December at 10pm.