Clueless Parents Don’t Value Enriched Curriculms

Clueless parents can’t see the value of Drama, Art and even Religious Education, according to findings by

A total of 2752 UK parents between the ages of 35-45, believed that Drama or Theatre Studies, Art, RE, Citizenship and PE were the least valuable subjects to study at school.

Clearly preferring a much more narrowed and less enriching curriculm, the majority of parents favoured IT in top place followed by Modern Foreign Languages, Maths, English then Science.

As additional skills they thought their children should be taught in schools rather than at home, 74 per cent said please teach them how to pay taxes and bills.

Spokesperson for, George Charles said:“With the world developing faster than anyone could have ever imagined and computers becoming more prevalent in almost all sectors it certainly makes sense for parents to want their children to learn a skill as valuable as I.T and coding. The money in this sector is usually good and, if technology keeps advancing as quickly as it is currently, jobs will be in abundance.

“However it is shocking to see subjects such as religious studies and citizenship voted as two of the least valuable subjects; learning about other cultures and religions is incredibly important in this day and age and should be taken seriously.”