Consultations With Doctor Google Surge

In times of illness and injury, more and more of us are turning to Doctor Google for a consultation.

Future You commissioned the poll which found that three quarters of people in the UK use online advice to cure illness.

With seven in ten now self diagnosing, the average adult only visits their GP twice a year, though this still doesn’t account for the lack of appointment availability at Brooklea Health Centre in Bristol.

People are also keeping their self diagnosis to themselves, with only a third telling their doctor they had already researched their symptoms prior to the appointment.

Apparently, possible arthritis or joint pain doesn’t cause enough concern to try and get past the receptionist to see the doctor. But, nine out of ten people make the decision to see the doctor with chest pain, not confident enough in their diagnosis skills to treat without specialist advice.

The twenty ailments most likely to be treated at home after a Google consultation were:

1. Common cold
2. Sore throat
3. Headache
4. Cough
5. Cold sore
6. Diarrhoea
7. Toothache
8. Warts / verucas
9. Acne
10. Fever
11. Insomnia
12. Haemorrhoids
13. Earache
14. Eczema
15. Conjunctivitis
16. Allergic reaction
17. Arthritis and joint pain
18. Swollen glands
19. Bunion
20. Chest infection