Crazy Noodles Colouring Book Review

Crazy Noodles Colouring Book:

This beautifully quirky colouring book, brings kooky characters, shapes and patterns to the page in ways that traditional colouring books avoid.

It’s the product of a collaboration between mother Emily and her seven-year-old daughter Lily, to create a colouring world where ‘rules don’t apply’.

Crazy Noodles harnesses the creative direction of Lily and how she sees the world around her through dyslexia. Whilst Emily describes her daughter’s ‘struggles’ she also wanted Lily to ’embrace her boundless creative talents’.

Parents who have a child with dyslexia are more than likely aware that the specific learning difficulty may affect learning to read. But dyslexia can also encompass Irlen Syndrome, working memory and attention, leaving children caught up in their own magical worlds which are invisible to others. This is where creativity often steps up and becomes a strength.

“The more I watched Lily inventing characters, the more I realised that not only does her dyslexia extend her creative abilities far beyond the average person, but also that her seven-year-old perspective on the world is an adventure in itself,” Emily says.

“I wanted to help her capture this on paper and bring others into her world so they can also freely explore and create without the limits and boundaries of the real world. That’s what this colouring book is ultimately all about.”

Children are encouraged to cut up the pages, mix them together and even add them to other arts projects they are working on. “It’s a place where anything is possible,” Emily says.

There’s a lovely mix of mindfulness styled images to colour, mixed in with baby shapes, patterns, typography and angry weather.

It’s rather like a dreamworld, each page a tumble down a rabbit hole or through a portal into something bizarre yet wonderful. In this book we are outsiders looking in. Both literal and fantastical collide, making this perfect for children aged around 5 to 8 years of age.

Crazy Noodles is priced at £7.99 and available from a range of retailers including Amazon

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