Essential products for your child’s health


Parents already have too much to ram into a changing bag, so Savlon’s Day Out First Aid Kit is the  perfect size to pop into a pocket for emergencies.

Coming in a durable light weight zipped pouch, it contains a tube of Savlon Antiseptic Cream, two Savlon Cleansing Wipes with Antiseptic, four Savlon fabric plasters, a money off coupon and a specially created ‘Savlon Little Guide to First Aid’.

It is inevitable that trips and tumbles will happen to adventurous toddlers and children whilst in the park at the zoo or walking to the supermarket. The first aid kit coupled up with a tube of Savlon Advanced Healing Gel will make a formidable fighting force to treat minor wounds on brave little soldiers.


Chopsy Baby tested out  the Advanced Healing Gel and found it spreads easily over skin, quickly being absorbed without leaving a gooey creamy mess.

The Advanced Healing Gel promotes 40 per cent faster healing and reduced scarring by helping to keep a wound clean and importantly-  moist.

The first aid kit can easily be restocked as necessary and though compact it has enough room to add odd packets of tablets or possibly an inhaler.

Savlon cream contains cetrimide and chlorhexidine gluconate
Always read the label

Savlon Advanced Healing Gel 50g £3.91
Savlon’s Day Out First Aid Kit £3.99


Parents may still shudder with horror when they think back to the dreaded head lice treatment of their generation, sitting over sinks having foul smelling chemical concoctions soaking into the hair for hours.

Children these days have it easy, especially so with Green RexCure Head Lice Repellent Spray.

This new product is totally natural, with no colouring, perfume or parabens.

When applied to a child’s scalp, it works by releasing fragrances and tricking lice into believing that the hair they are living on is herbs, not actually hair.

The head lice then leave the hair in search of food. Any eggs left then hatch into nymphs (baby head lice) who die within a few hours because they cannot detect food.

The ingredients to fool the lice include; organic basil, organic parsley and a naturally occurring preservative to keep the spray fresh for six months.

Green RexCure works by both removing head lice and acting as a preventative measure.

Chopsy Baby asked the Banes family from Kingswood in Bristol,  to test out RexCure and let us know how they got on.

“It was just two weeks into the new school term when the head lice struck” shudders Helen Banes, mother of eight year old Tammy.

“I check her hair pretty much everyday and in the first month of school she caught them. I went through the usual routine of combing them out, then I used the RexCure as a treatment. It does have a very heavy herbal scent but not a bad one.

“After the treatment I used the spray on Tammy’s hair every day for the next two-weeks and so far,  touch wood, we have not had any repeat occurrence.”

Green RexCure 90ml £10.95


The Rough Guide to Childhood Illness is a new pocket sized book from author Kaz Cooke.

Developed in association with the Department of Health, this book cleverly and concisely covers everything you need to know about when a child or baby gets ill and how to deal with it.

It addresses vaccination programmes, childhood illnesses who, what and why, and who to see and when after a child becomes ill.

In 54 short pages, Kaz Cooke has developed a really important guide for unsure parents and importantly, when to dial 999.

Kaz says: “I know what it’s like to feel worried and powerless when your baby or young child is sick. How can you make them feel better when they’re so miserable? What should you do about high temperatures, throwing up and rashes? Is is serious? Should you see your doctor?

It’s so important for mums, dads and other carers to have really clear, useful and reassuring information on what to do. It was great to work with health care professionals to make sure we had the best advice.”

The Rough Guide to Childhood Illnesses is available free by calling 0207 478 7849