Helpful tips to get into the Christmas party dress

Its almost the party season and if for no other reason then at some point you have a stunner of a dress to wear, Nutritional Director, Jane Michell from Weight to Go has some really helpful tips for not straying from the healthy eating plan.

When clearing up the table after the children have eaten, move the bin next to it, then you can scrape all the leftovers straight into the bin. This minimises the risk of picking at the left-over’s as no one wants to eat standing over the bin!

Keep all your delicious healthy food at the front of the cupboard. Then when you open the cupboard door, the tempting children’s treats aren’t the first thing you see. Or even better, have your own food cupboard and keep the children’s foods elsewhere.

Ban eating in front of the TV. This is unconscious eating and will lead to you consuming more calories than you need! And it’s a great family rule too, it keeps the sofa clean and builds good habits in your children.