How to earn money and go back to work after maternity leave – if you don’t want to

So, all of a sudden, those special early months you have spent building up to birth, going through labour and muddling through how to raise children have ended. Maternity leave is up and the maternity pay has stopped.

Some mothers will be glad to return to work. High quality childcare can be readily available.  The opportunity to talk about something other than nappies, Cbeebies and buggies is to be relished.

For other mothers, the nature of their previous job may not fit in with conventional childcare hours. Or mothers may be looking for work to fit in around their family – not the other way around.

There are plenty of opportunities for dedicated and determined people to work for themselves – even post recession.
A great place to get you started with ideas or friendly advice is: There is plenty of useful advice and support. Best of all it’s totally free to use.

Family Friendly Working
Antonia Chitty started working flexibly for herself after having her daughter in 2002. She now runs her own PR agency, ACPR which specialises in PR training for entrepreneurs. Alongside this, Antonia has written some really useful books to help mums get into and stay in business.  

If you can’t return to work because you are struggling to find wraparound childcare, you won’t be the only parent with this problem. A solution? Childminding.  Becoming a childminder may not be a difficult as you think and there is plenty of advice and guidance to find out if this is right for you.

Irritate your local neighbourhood
With the Kleeneze catalogue or become an Avon representative

If you are looking for a successful business model that fits in around school hours a franchise option could be for you. There are plenty available such as Sing and Sign, Music with Mummy, Sing a Song of Satire. Or, you could simply start your own. No fees, no hassle and no answering to anyone else.

If you have a craft to sell or niche collectable product, eBay can open you up to to global customers.

Rent a Room
Students are always after places to stay in cities. Some for only a few weeks at a time. Renting out a spare room could cover the mortgage payments.

Do the odd jobs that no body else wants to do – and get paid
Ironing, oven cleaning and dog walking are all potential little earners with possibilities to expand.

Turn your hobby into a business
If you love knitting, crafting signs or decorating cupcakes, find a target market – such as new baby, weddings or Christenings and turn those creations into cash.