How to… Find the effort to start a deep clean and how to do it

 Jurys Inn is sharing with parents, the hotel group’s top tips for cleaning from their expert May McLellan.
Cut the clutter, leave nothing unturned and if you can, have a smile on your face for even the toughest of tasks.

1.      Tackle big jobs first – clean the oven or shampoo the carpets.  Tackling these big jobs is best when you are full of energy at the start of the process

2.      Defrost your fridge and freezer – this will allow you to thoroughly clean inside.  It will also help make it more energy efficient

3.      De-clutter – put away or even better, get rid of surplus everyday accessories or furnishings. It is fine to keep some memorabilia but be choosy or you will start to feel over-whelmed with clutter

4.      Find a place for everything – organise the memorabilia and items you want to keep so you will know where they are

5.      Start small – attack one room at a time, opening windows to let in fresh air

6.      Use eco-friendly products where possible – create a wonderful natural air freshener by mixing lemon juice and water in a spray bottle. Also, just placing a half a lemon in a dish can help freshen a room

7.      Destroy the dust – get out your stepladder and search for dust on top of cupboards, picture frames, light fittings and plate racks