How To… Get through the holidays with young children

It’s easy to spend much of the summer holidays frazzled by bored children who expect to be entertained on a daily basis. This really needn’t be the case. Young children especially thrive on a daily routine, being used to the visual time tables of school and a highly structured day.

Keep the days structured as much as possible with usual routines in place – such as breakfast and bedtime.

Let young children know what is going to happen during the day at set points.

Some children react very badly if there is no structure in place throughout the day. They like to know what they are doing and when. Work on a visual time table with laminated clip art images you can stick to a wall or fridge door. Have a ‘surprise’ image ready to introduce should something unexpected happen.

If you are worried about filling up six weeks with activities and days out it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Work out with your child a range of activities to do at home, free days out, low cost activities out and big days out. Write them down and pop them in an envelope. If you get bored, run out of ideas or your child starts to play up, you have a resource of ideas ready for the “I’m bored Mum” moment.