Individually Wrapped Soreen Malt Loaf Now Comes With Disney Character Packaging

Popular Disney characters have now made they way onto packets of Soreen’s Mini Loaves.

And this is important because? Making packed lunches that children will actually eat and won’t offend the school lunchbox police can be a difficult road to travel.

Soreen Mini Loaves are small portions of malt loaf which come individually wrapped. Being packaged this way is ideal for children with sensory processing difficulties or have issues with food and hand contact.

And, each loaf contains 60 per cent less fat and 50 per cent less sugar than other big brand cake bars.

Popping popular Disney characters on the front means that youngsters are also more likely to choose them than the sugar filled varieties.

Perfect for lunch boxes or after school collection hunger meltdowns.

Soreen’s Disney Mini Loaves come in two flavours, chocolate or toffee and are available from supermarkets including Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and The Co-operative. £1.35 for a pack of five.