It’s Never Boring in St Judes Bristol – Wade Street Archaeological Excavation

The sound and vision of four fire appliances screaming down Wade Street to another St Judes incident reminded me that it’s never boring around here. The sleepless nights from fighting drunk people in the street, shouty revellers returning at 2am and barking dogs lost at 3am are constant headache inducing reminders of its interesting dynamics. Of course that’s not forgetting having to meander through a collection of interesting characters who are always in residence outside of Logos House from dawn til dusk and usually excessively merry throughout the day.

In fact, it was interesting to read an archaeological analysis of the very land we are currently on top of which was released earlier in the summer.

In 2014, an archaeological excavation took place on the exact land in St Judes that would eventually become Wade Court in 2015.

Historical documents in the report note that Wade Street was the home of thieves, prize fighters and those living in squalor, misery and abject poverty. If you look around Wade Street today, not much has really changed socially.

But, the report from the 18th century onwards provides a fascinating read into the lives and homes of the people who occupied the very land we are currently sitting on. Though National Trust beauty it isn’t, not many people get the opportunity to learn in depth details about the history of the property and land they live on in such glorious and colourful detail.