Litter Police Kingdom Replaced by 3GS in Bristol

Bristol Litter Police Kingdom Out:

Controversial litter police Kingdom, are out of Bristol, with 3GS officers now tackling environmental crime in the city. The company won their bid to take over the environmental enforcement tender in Bristol.

The company will be issuing Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) to people committing offences such as not clearing up dog poo or deliberately discarding litter. The officers will be operating across a wider area of the city to tackle common residential area problems such as fly tipping, commercial waste, abandoned vehicles and graffiti tagging.

The litter police service will again not cost the council any money, with the cost of service delivery coming from the payment of the FPNs.

“Making the city a cleaner, more pleasant place to live and work remains one of my main priorities,” Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees said.

“Over recent weeks many people have contacted me about unacceptable levels of fly tipping and littering in their areas, so it really need tackling.

“Keeping our city clean is the responsibility of everyone; we can all take small actions which go a long way, like reporting fly tippers and ensuring we always pick up our dog mess.”

Martin Jerrold, Group Managing Director of 3GS, said: “Part of our mission is to educate and inform businesses and members of public that offences such as littering and fly-tipping are offences under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and will not be tolerated.

“3GS will be deploying 10 experienced and professional Enforcement Officers throughout the city and outer city regions for a two year contract to issue Fixed Penalty Notices and deliver a range of educational initiatives to make the community aware of the consequences of littering and dog fouling and contribute to creating a greener environment for the area.”

There are strict rules regarding the handing out of FPNs to members of the public.

Some instances an FPN should not be issued include to children under the age of 10, the offender is ‘vulnerable’, the offence is ‘trivial’ or littering is done accidentally, such as falling out of a person’s pocket.

For more information about when a FPN should not be issued for dropping litter:

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