Location of Mobile Speed Cameras in Bristol This Week

Where are the Mobile Speed Cameras in Bristol?

Avon and Somerset’s Police Speed Enforcement Unit, have mobile speed cameras scheduled for the following locations in Bristol this week. They will be holding enforcement in other parts of their jurisdiction as well as potentially unlisted locations.


B4054 Shirehampton Road, Sea Mills (30mph) Site: 0057

Kings Weston Lane, Lawrence Weston (30mph) Site: 0176

Wessex Ave, Horfield (20mph) Site: 0195

Keys Avenue, Horfield (20mph) Site: 0211

A432 Fishponds Road, Easton (20mph) Site: 0231

A38 Rupert Street/Bridewell Street/The Haymarket, Bristol (20mph) Site: 0212

Thicket Avenue, Fishponds (20mph) Site: 0223

B4058 Park Road, Stapleton (20mph) Site: 0281

Small Lane, Bristol (20mph) Site: 0277

Snowdon Road, Fishponds (20mph) Site: 0098

B4057 Knole Lane, Brentry (30mph) Site: 0120

Ashton Road, Ashton Gate, Bristol (20mph) Site: 0374

A4 Totterdown Bridge (30mph) Site: 3102

Broomhill Road (30mph) Site: 3086

A4174 Callington Road, Brislington, Bristol (30mph) Site: 3193

Feeder Road, Bristol (30mph) Site: 3051

Talbot Road, Bristol (20mph) Site: 0221

Duckmoor Road, Ashton Gate, Bristol (20mph) Site: 0146

Calcott Road, Knowle (20mph) Site: 0080

A37 Wells Road, Hengrove (30mph) Site: 3084

Whitchurch Lane, nr Hawkfield Road (20mph) Site: 0240

Whitland Road, Bristol (20mph) Site: 0087

Wick Road (20mph) Site: 3167

A3029 Winterstoke Road (30mph) Site: 0243

Marksbury Road, Bedminster (20mph) Site: 0248

B3122 Redcatch Road, Knowle (20mph) Site: 3054

Air Balloon Road (30mph) Site: 0121

Nags Head Hill, St. George (30mph) Site: 0177

Highbury Road, Bedminster (20mph) Site: 0275

Hazelbury Road, Whitchurch (20mph) Site: 0276

A370 Coronation Road, Southville (30mph) Site: 3251

Glyn Vale, Knowle (20mph) Site: 0344

Petherton Road, Hengrove (20mph) Site: 0346

Kingsway, St George (20mph) Site: 0356

Marsh Lane, Bristol (20mph) Site: 0366

A4174 Hengrove Way, nr Lakeshore Drive, Bristol (40mph) Site: 0368

A4174 Hengrove Way, nr Whitland Avenue, Bristol (30mph) Site: 0369

Cadogan Road, Bristol (20mph) Site: 0398

Beaufort Road, St George (20mph) Site: 0402

Whitchurch Lane, nr Halfacre Lane (20mph) Site: 3120

Martock Road, Bedminster (20mph) Site: 0386

St Luke’s Road, Totterdown (20mph) Site: 0403

Stockwood Lane, nr the sports ground, Stockwood (20mph) Site: 0095

South Gloucestershire:

Station Road, Wickwar (30mph) Site: 0043

B4058 Charfield (30mph) Site: 0044

B4509 Tortworth Road (40mph) Site: 0143

Hallen Road, Hallen (30mph) Site: 0068

Tenniscourt Road, Kingswood (20mph) Site: 0228

Church Road, Frampton Cottrell (30mph) Site: 0137

A403 Severn Road, nr Aust Road (50mph) Site: 0194

B4060 Wickwar Road, Chipping Sodbury (40mph) Site: 0249

St Johns Way, Chipping Sodbury (30mph) Site: 0254

Sundridge Park, Yate (20mph) Site: 0216

Westerleigh Road, Yate (30mph) Site: 3007

Marshfield Road, Tormarton (30mph) Site: 0271

B4061 Gloucester Rd, Nr Yewtree Farm, Upper Morton, Thornbury (40mph) Site: 0055

Stowell Hill Road, Tytherington (30mph) Site: 0159

B4060 Sodbury Road, Wickwar (40mph) Site: 0237

Perrinpit Road (30mph) Site: 0173

St Johns Way, Chipping Sodbury (30mph) Site: 0079

Scott Way, Yate (30mph) Site: 0099

B4059 Yate Road, Yate (30mph) Site: 2015

B4061 Alveston Hill, Alveston (30mph) Site: 0353

B4465, nr Shortwood Hill, Shortwood (40mph) Site: 0127

Mill Lane, Oldland (30mph) Site: 3188

Court Farm Road, Longwell Green (30mph) Site: 0038

Abbot’s Road, Hanham, Bristol (30mph) Site: 3205

A420 Wick (30mph) Site: 3004

Court Road, Kingswood, Bristol (30mph) Site: 0224

A431 Bath Road, Swineford (40mph) Site: 4004

A420 London Road, Warmley (30mph) Site: 3040

A420 Wick (30mph) Site: 3004

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