Looking Back At… Cookie My Playful Pup FurReal Friends Dog

Today, Chopsy Baby took at look back at a toy we reviewed in 2011 when it was first introduced to the market. Cookie My Playful Pup was an interactive soft toy made by FurReal Friends. So why are we looking back at a six year old toy? Because Cookie has play value in a way that you might not expect.

FurReal Friends is a brand owned by Hasbro. It’s a line of battery operated toy animals and pets for children to play with. In America, Hasbro has gone a step further by introducing Joy for All. This is a companion cat in the same style as earlier FurReal Friends, specifically designed for the elderly and those with conditions such as dementia.

Currently, if you want a companion cat, you will need to import it. The price before posting and packaging is around £100.

There is a booming trade on eBay UK for secondhand FurReal pets. The older ones are more lifelike than the current toys on the market. As a companion pet or stress toy, it’s easy to see why their value holds and the burst of popularity.

Cookie, Biscuit the Dog and Lulu the cat, are all older lines of FurReal pets which are incredibly lifelike and respond in the same way as real animals. In Generation Rent, many children are growing up without the therapeutic benefit that dogs and cats can bring.

Taking a look back at this toy, it’s perfect for children with conditions such as anxiety and autism who cannot have pets of their own, perhaps for financial reasons or housing restrictions.

We have found FurReal Friends to be excellent quality and robust enough to deal with play, proven by our Cookie still going strong six years later.

Here’s our original review: http://chopsybaby.com/magazine/chopsy-baby-is-reviewing-cookie-my-playful-pup-from-furreal-friends-2/