McDonald’s Delivery Bristol from Uber Eats – Is it any good?

McDonald's Delivery Bristol Ubereats

McDonald’s Delivery Bristol – McDisappointing Waste of Time

Genuinely not being a family who goes into McDonald’s very often, it was a bit of a novelty to try out a home delivery from Uber Eats in Bristol this week.

Bristolians can download the Uber Eats app onto their smart phone and have their pick of the menu arrive at their front door.

So as a first time user of the service, is it everything it’s cracked up to be? The short answer is no. In fact, it was a complete¬† and utter waste of time. Whilst the food arrived quickly, half of it was missing. It seems utterly bizarre that a receipt of items that only had to be checked off into a bag could be done so shoddily.

Other than the disappointing first world crisis that unfolded over missing fries was the fact that it was impossible to get hold of anyone who could assist with the matter.

The only phone number on the receipt was McDonald’s who wouldn’t get involved because it wasn’t their service.

Contacting UberEats on the app was pointless because the reply could be any time in the next 24 hours. That wasn’t going to make fries arrive at the door.

Taking to Twitter, it wasn’t long until it because obvious that Uber Eats McDonald’s deliveries had a strong chance of failure. Angry tales of woe about missing orders, orders not arriving correctly and clamouring for refunds which actually turned out to be credit adorned the search feed and Facebook wall.

Well that’s just not good enough is it? After a multi channelled social media effort, eventually someone replied and sent a direct Paypal refund as requested.

As for ordering McDonald’s delivery from Uber Eats, I really wouldn’t. It’s a McDisappointing waste of time.