Mum's essential guide to business start up


The beauty of self-employment means that mums can create their own work-life balance to suit their children and families.

Mums who need to earn some money but have always relied on the stability of employment may find the thought of self-employment a daunting prospect, no matter how much they want to do it.

Mums in this situation need The Mumpreneur Guide, a brand new book from successful mumpreneur Antonia Chitty.

Already a successfully published author and owner of her own PR business,  Antonia penned her latest book whilst on maternity leave with her third child.

Her own personal experience, knowledge of self-employment and business, alongside parenting three young children makes this a vital resource for other mums wanting to take the plunge.

Starting from scratch and getting the initial business idea, it takes mums through all stages of business start up.

It works through in mum-friendly sized chunks and chapters establishing the early foundations necessary for a future success.

The guide takes away the business bluff and blag of other books, keeping essential information written in a concise and friendly way. This is perfect for mums who have enormous constraints on their time.

Helpfully, it is set out in a work-book style. This encourages mums to actually use the book, giving them space to write answers which will act as the basis of a good business plan. It will keep all a mum’s planning in one contained place, rather than making her create more piles of paperwork.

Throughout the book, other mums have contributed useful case studies and friendly advice which helps to put Antonia’s information into a practical context.

The Mumpreneur Guide is an  incredibly useful tool for mums who are thinking about starting up in business. This book will also be very useful for mums who are already in the early stages of planning or have even accidentally found their hobby has created an unexpected business and needs direction and refining.

For mums already in business it can be used to help them go back and re-evaluate their goals and business plan, helping them to make sure they are going in the right direction and achieving their  aims.

For mums who have to time manage anything from one to three young children, playgroups, school runs and the other constraints on family life this book is brilliant.

The Mumpreneur Guide

Antonia Chitty