Mums Want a Simple Handmade Present from their Children this Mother’s Day. Apparently

And today a press release with research which is probably true.

According to B&M Stores, what mums really want this Mother’s Day is a simple handmade gift from their children.

Of course, you will most likely have to take them to B&M to stock up on all the essential craft tat which they will need to make it.

A huge 42 per cent of parents of the 1,000 taking part in the research said that token handmade gestures meant the most, with a further 21 per cent saying the Gift of Time with their family was the next best thing.

Though it’s kind of par for the course that mums have to do the really tough work of getting kids up, ready, to school usually on time as well other boring drudgery around the house, some lucky 70 per cent of mums said they didn’t have to do the school run every day. Who are these people and how do they manage that miracle?

Mums who have three kids are least likely to manage time for breakfast in the morning, with more than half saying during the week there just isn’t the time. Interestingly only a quarter of mums with 4 children had the same problem and just 37 per cent of mums with 5 or more.

A spokesperson for B&M Stores, said: “It’s great to see that mums love when their little ones create little something for them on Mother’s Day, plan a family day or simply prepare a breakfast.

“However, when we asked more information about mums and breakfast, it was alarming to find that over a third of mums simply don’t have the time to have breakfast in the morning.

“Breakfast is one of the most important meals in a day and we should all make sure that not only mums but everyone has one to start their day.”