New online resource PinkTimeLine to help couples TTC

A new online resource has been set up for couples going through the stress of trying to conceive.

First Response has launched,  containing advice and support for couples, especially during the stressful two-week wait from ovulation to test time.

As well as getting advice from fertility expert Zita West, the website has also launched a unique feature allowing family members and friends to support the couple with their IVF treatment.

A special fundraising page, allows people to donate the couple money towards their treatment instead of giving traditional Christmas presents or birthday gifts.

Zita West says: “Sometimes couples don’t realise what a large support network they have. Those closest to them often want to help but don’t know how to bring up this sensitive subject. So, the fundraising page can be a way to bring everyone together to show their support. This can have a tremendous impact for the couple during this exciting yet stressful time.”