Paddington 2 The Story of the Movie and Sticker Activity Book Review

Alert- it’s movie tie-in product time, but they’re actually good ones for a change.

People can’t fail to have noticed Paddington 2 is out in cinemas today. And it’s a sequel that families are actually looking forward to. The first Paddington movie was really good, so much so, that it took us by surprise. It was gentle, quirky and faithful to the characters and spirit of the original Paddington stories.

HarperCollins has been publishing Paddington books for 60 years. They are responsible for the brand new Paddington 2 The Story of The Movie by Anna Wilson and Paddington 2 Sticker Activity Book.

Once upon a time in my own parenting journey, I would have scoffed at such books. But when you are the parent or carer of children who just won’t read, not any book with actual words, a sticker book or otherwise is a dream.

The movie storybook is aimed at children aged 5-9 years of age. It’s great for independent readers getting to grips with more challenging chapter books. But that’s not to overlook older children who struggle with literacy. They will enjoy the gentle storyline, shorter chapters and the fact they can connect the words and comprehension to the film they see on the screen.

In terms of targets and curriculum, six or seven years is just about right. But these movie tie-in books I once sneered at absolutely have a place for older children too. It could just be the book that begins to engage older children with the joy of reading.

The Sticker Activity Book is packed full of activities, stickers and games. But make no mistake, this isn’t pound shop or budget shop rubbish. It’s well thought out and high quality content. It’s perfect for a stocking filler for Boxing Day boredom or the tedious coach and car journeys we suffer as part of the Christmas season. It’s aimed at children aged 3-7 years which is perfect targeting.

Paddington 2: The Story of the Movie is £5.99
Paddington 2: Movie Sticker Activity Book is £7.99

Available in bookshops and high street stores nationwide