Petition Calls for Independent Complaints Body to Monitor Schools

Petition Launched to Monitor Disability Discrimination in Schools: 

Being unable to hold schools to accountability for unlawful behaviour, disability discrimination and inclusion problems is something that will chime with many parents in the Special Educational Needs and Disability (Send) community.

Trying to make schools comply with their statutory duties is left for individuals to implement through the ineffective Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGO).

‘This problem often relates to SEN support, mental or physical illness provision, bullying, or disability discrimination,’ says a new petition calling for a an independent body to enable a ‘fair complaints process’.

The petition has been launched by Not Fine in School, an organisation offering support and guidance to parents of children who struggle with school attendance, often due to Send.

To view the petition, visit:

For more advice about school refusal, visit:


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