PramaCare Red Bags for Emergency Hospital Visits in Dorset

PramaCare Red Bags:

Dorset is a bit of a distance from Bristol, but these charity-funded red bags to help those living alone deal with emergency hospital visits are a fantastic idea.

Parkstone Rotary worked with PramaCare, to raise money for the large red bags which can be kept filled with items such as a change of clothes or toiletries for when elderly people are taken to hospital during a medical emergency.

PramaCare provides home care support for people around the Dorset region. Their carers noticed that those they cared for often didn’t have family close by, or were isolated. Although paramedics were dealing well with the emergency, the person being taken to hospital did not have anything to help them with their stay.

The bright red bags are big enough to pop in essentials although not big enough to get in the way, meaning they can sit in a corner ready to go when needed.

Each Red-Bag contains a check-list of useful items, including key information about the person which would be helpful for an emergency services response.

“I have so many hospital visits, it will make things easier for me especially as I have no mobility to complete these things myself,” Sheila, one of the recipients of the bag says.

Care Director at PramaCare, Neil Stevens says: “Our emergency services and hospitals do an amazing job of taking care of us in a medical crisis but it is still a little less than dignified when you have to go home from hospital in your nightclothes because that is all you came in with. Having a Red Bag packed with your own toiletries and personal items to get you through a short stay and back home in comfort can make all the difference.”

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