Primary School Children Have Just 2.5 Hours Per Week To Play

Between school, homework and after school activities, youngsters are just not getting enough time to themselves to play, doss around or just rest up.

According to a poll from Hillarys, primary school children are getting just 2.5 hours across the week to spend doing what they want to do.

A 79 per cent of parents said their child had homework or tasks to do every night of the week and 74 per cent said homework was also given for the weekend.

Parents calculated the amount of time their child had to play with their own toys or just watch TV after taking away school work, extra curricular activities and household chores. They found their children had an average of half an hour of free time per day.

Most children spent their time playing with games consoles or tablet, many watched TV and third place activity was ‘fighting with siblings’.

The lack of downtime children had caused 42 per cent to complain about feeling tired and 14 per cent of parents found their child’s behaviour was becoming disruptive.