Public Transport Feature: Advantages and Disadvantages to Public Transport

Anyone who thinks public transport is a cheaper and easier alternative to taking the car has never lived in Bristol. A standard day fare for just an adult costs £4 and the service has a reputation for being poor value for money amongst the city’s residents.

There are advantages and disadvantages to travelling Bristol by bus once you have more than one child. Here are some of the pros and cons, and parenting products to help make travel a little easier.

Double Buggy

Pictured: The Britax B-Dual in-line double buggy, two children, four wheels, great for buses


Both children are contained

A tandem buggy will fit on Bristol buses but will take up all the space. A tandem with the second seat underneath the top one – in line – will give you a sporting chance of actually getting on the bus as this design tends to be about the same size as a large buggy.


You may have to fold up the buggy which may not be possible without removing seats and juggling two children.

Chopsy Baby tried and tested double buggy for buses: Phil and Teds Sport- It’s very lightweight, same size as a single pram. Easy to push, carries two children in up to four weight combinations. Check tyre pressure regularly and carry a bike pump. Comes with wrist strap, essential for hilly Bristol.

Buggy Board

Pictured: The Lascal Buggy Board: Essential parenting kit


A buggy board is great for going distances with children up to the age of five who can get tired quickly.

They fit onto most prams and the Lascal website has a comprehensive guide showing how to do this on individual models.


You cannot contain cross children.

Easy to keep treading on the board

It adds an additional weight to the pram which the frame was not designed for.

Going up and down kerbs will bump the child on the board.

Baby Carrier

Pictured: BabyBjörn Synergy


Great for when you want to leave the pram at home

Leaves your hands free

Ideal for new mums using public transport which do not allow pushchairs to be pushed on.


Babies can be more exposed to bad weather

Babies shouldn’t spend too many hours in them

Advantages to public transport

Can allow you more freedom of choice in bad traffic. You can swap buses or walk but you can’t ditch a car.

Can be used as a learning experience and fun for young children

Can on occasion be faster than the car.

No worries about petrol, tax, MOT, insurance, finding parking, paying for parking.

Disadvantage to public transport

Other passengers can be rude, unhelpful and obstructive.

Train commuters push onto the train before you have managed to get off

Once you are behind a pram, people will push in front of you because you are invisible

If your pram/buggy does not fold up, you will have an awkward situation if a wheelchair user wishes to get on.

If your pram/buggy does fold up, there is unlikely to be anywhere you can put it anyway

Tired and hungry children will scream and cry and everyone will want to harm you


Can be exhausting getting around on a bus with pram and child/ren.

The bloody things never turn up on time if at all.