Seasonal flu warnings for the at risk

The UK has had a bumper packed year full of swine flu and now they are being reminded about the dangers of bog standard seasonal flu.

Seasonal flu is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus. Every year, seasonal flu accounts for around 8000 deaths in England and Wales with around 15 per cent of the population catching it.

It peaks during the winter months of December to March and the Department of Health is urging everyone in the ‘at-risk’ groups to get their flu jab.

Seasonal flu is more serious than a cold and can be life-threatening for people age 65 years and over and those with underlying health problems.

Last year in the South West, 74.3% of people aged 65 and over took advantage of their free seasonal flu jab.

The jabs are available for the over 65s, or people aged six months to 65 years who suffer from long term conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or a chest complaint or breathing difficulties.