South West Holiday Makers Opt for the Same Holiday Experiences

If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it, appears to be the attitude of South West holiday makers, who opt for the same holiday experience each year.

According to a poll by online travel agent Travel Republic, the average holidaymaker in the West Country visits the same country 10 times.

The research also found that for 29 per cent, there is no variation in activities whilst away.

If you like to visit the same safe beaches, you will be one of the 45 per cent in the South West doing the same, and perhaps, one of the 48 per cent even eating at the same restaurant.

A 66 per cent of those going away to the same places said they did so because it was a comfortable experience they were already familiar with.

The most popular holiday destination for those of us in the South West was staying in the UK (36 per cent) Jetting off to Spain (36 per cent) and opting for France (19 per cent).


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