Specialist Training Funded for Police Call Handlers to Identify Victims of Hate Crimes

Victims of hate crimes should be experiencing a better response from police call handlers in the future. The Home Office announced today that ‘specialist training’ will be funded to make sure all hate crimes are identified by call handlers from the start and that victims are treated with empathy and fully supported.

Training will come from the National Police Chiefs’ Council who will be working in partnership with Facing All The Facts.

More than 80,000 hate crime offences were recorded in 2016/17, with hate crime based on religion soaring by 35 per cent on the previous year’s data.

Hate crime includes any crime connected to a person’s race, religion, sexual orientation, disability and transgender identity. The government says it will also be updating its Hate Crime Action Plan this year.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid said:”Hate crimes are totally unacceptable and have no place in British society. I understand the fear, anguish and anger they can cause.

Those who have the courage to report these vile crimes deserve as much support as possible. That is why we have provided funding to give police call handlers expert training to spot the signs and respond compassionately.”

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