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Suzie Books by Charlotte Olson – Perfect Picture Storybooks for Children with Autism

Storybooks for children with autism or those who become anxious facing unfamiliar situations

If you have a child who becomes anxious about changes in routine or new and unfamiliar situations, then Suzie and Sammy may be just the people you are looking for.

Created by Bristol author Charlotte Olson, the Suzie books presents new situations to children through simple stories.

Each book takes a child through a potentially difficult situation, with a step by step guide fronted by friendly, accessible characters.

Suzie and Cruzie
Suzie and Cruzie has been created to help children with autism make new friends.

Titles in the series address potentially worrying situations such as flying on an aeroplane, first day at school, Christmas time, going to a funeral and going to the hairdresser.

These books are particularly ideal for children with autism, who benefit from additional preparation, transitioning and visual guides before attempting something new to their routine.

To find out more about the Suzie books, visit:

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